i was a huge dipshit this year just like last year but at least i quit drinking and did some good blogs. easy to remember all the bad stuff in 2016 but there was also some good stuff, mostly thanks to me.

Essential Viewing

1. behold this headline and weep

2. h/t sam biddle

3. don’t fuck goblins imho

4. r.i.p. gawker

5. lol kill me

6. ugh also pokemon

7. this was a nice story :)

8. “that’s hillary”

9. *bzzzz*

10. still don’t

Good Headlines

1. :(

2. lol

3. [scientist tears off giant printout]

4. we’re fucked

5. an eve peyser/hudson hongo joint

Good Posts

1. probably the funniest thing i’ve written

2. worth the click

3. wherein jesse james tells our hero to get fucked

4. this guy rules

5. blog like nobody’s watching

Good Tweets

1. sad but true

2. makes u think


4. it works

5. fuck you i won’t do what you tell me

Smell Ya Next Year, Friends!