Bizarre GOP Ad Theorizes "Republicans Are People Too"

For many crypto-Marxist Americans, ragging on Republicans is a cherished pastime, but what do we really know about our conservative brothers and sisters? For instance, what even are Republicans? According to a new ad campaign by consulting firm Glass House Strategies, Republicans are people, primarily the kind that… » 9/27/14 6:00pm Saturday 6:00pm

Rapist Teacher Originally Sentenced to 31 Days Gets 10 Years in Prison

Stacey Rambold, a man sentenced to 31 days in jail after raping his 14-year-old student, was resentenced to 10 years in prison on Friday, in accordance with an April ruling by Montana's Supreme Court, which declared the judge's earlier sentence illegal. » 9/27/14 2:55pm Saturday 2:55pm

Japanese Hiker Captures Terrifying Video of Mount Ontake's Eruption

At around 12 p.m. local time today, Japan's Mount Ontake erupted, trapping some 150 climbers on the volcano, the BBC reports. One of those caught in the disaster was YouTube user Kuroda Terutoshi, who uploaded this video showing the eruption's enormous ash cloud overtaking the hiker and his party. » 9/27/14 1:40pm Saturday 1:40pm

Fox News Host Apologizes for Sexist "Boobs on the Ground" Joke

On Friday, Fox News host Eric Bolling apologized for the sexist, nonsensical "boobs on the ground" joke he made earlier this week at the expense of the UAE's first female fighter pilot, telling The Wrap in a statement, "My remark was not intended to be disparaging of her, but that's how it was taken." » 9/27/14 12:30pm Saturday 12:30pm

CBS Station Spreads Cruel "Pumpkin Spice Four Loko" Hoax

Gawker readers of a certain age may fondly remember Four Loko*, the once popular malt liquor energy drink framed as a public menace and later banned by—who elseObama. Many of those same readers will be surprised to learn the formerly verboten beverage continues to be manufactured, albeit in a neutered,… » 9/25/14 4:45pm Thursday 4:45pm

Facebook Users Flip Out Over Ancient "Monthly Fee" Hoax

This week, social media users staged a collective shit-fit after "satire" site National Report published an article titled "Facebook To Begin Charging Users $2.99/mo Starting November 1st." According to the story, the only way to escape the subscription fee was to post a status update bearing the hashtag » 9/24/14 4:15pm 9/24/14 4:15pm

This MRI Sex Tape Is Totally Real and Pretty Gross

In their search for increasingly harder -cores, the porn industry has pioneered hundreds of techniques in the photography of human genitals, from Hustler's "pink-shots" to the now-standard penetration close-up. But for all their perversion, smut peddlers have never able to match the clinical kinkiness of… » 9/22/14 4:20pm 9/22/14 4:20pm

Christian Blogs Spread Fake ISIS Family Conversion Story

Among bearded extremists, the mantra "convert or die" has recently experienced something of a renaissance, proving equally popular among fans of the Duck and Rashidun dynasties. So Christian evangelists were understandably excited this week when news came out that the brother of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi… » 9/16/14 4:15pm 9/16/14 4:15pm

"Help Me Get Rid of Burning Man Girl" Pleads Super Fake Craigslist Ad

Disposing of unwanted house guests is one of humanity's most ancient problems, dating back to the age of Sinbad, but last week a man sought a decidedly modern solution to his couch squatter. Posting to San Francisco's general community board on Tuesday, an anonymous Craigslister wrote an an ad titled "HELP ME GET RID… » 9/15/14 2:15pm 9/15/14 2:15pm

Researching this it sounded like the bamboo charcoal was actually cooked into the bun and cheese as a powder, so to me the big question was whether that would give the burger any carcinogenic properties. As far as I can tell, food-grade bamboo charcoal is safe and free of PAHs but all the literature is in Japanese and… » 9/13/14 1:13pm 9/13/14 1:13pm

I mean, contemporary hardcore punk bands are covering the same anti-state/conformity topics they always have, but I'd argue it's still pretty relevant. On the other hand, the wider genre always has interesting shit going on, like this song from earlier this year about street harassment: » 9/10/14 4:59pm 9/10/14 4:59pm