NBA Player Spreads Dumb Hoax About a "Real Life Purge"

Fueled by a potent mix of ignorance and teenage boredom, rumors of an upcoming "purge" raced across the country last week, with just about every major American city named as a target. A purge, in case you're not familiar, is the eponymous night of terror from 2013's The Purge, a dystopian horror-thriller where » 8/28/14 5:30pm Yesterday 5:30pm

Fox Affiliate Falls for College Humor's Office Note War Prank

Last Tuesday, College Humor posted a photo series titled "This Is The Most Passive-Aggressive Office Battle We've Ever Seen" depicting an exchange of break room notes that escalates into a full-scale sandwich hostage crisis. It was pretty funny, but also totally fake, as made clear by the extensive watermarks and… » 8/26/14 4:00pm Tuesday 4:00pm

"Alien Thigh Bone" Found on Mars Is Just a Rock

On Thursday, media outlets across the English-speaking world creamed their collective space-jeans over a possible "alien thigh bone" recently photographed by the Mars rover Curiosity. Citing the basement-renowned astronomists at, the Huffington Post, The Independent and the Daily Mirror all published… » 8/22/14 2:45pm 8/22/14 2:45pm

Neo-Nazis Fall for The Onion's Psychic Adam Sandler Story

Sometimes a work of satire is so profound, so incisive that the twisted society it came from can't even recognize it for a farce. Other times people are just really, really dumb. The latter was almost certainly the case this week when ClickHole—The Onion's BuzzFeed parody site—published "5 Tragedies Weirdly… » 8/21/14 12:30pm 8/21/14 12:30pm

Sorry, That Viral Free Speech Photo Is from Bundy Ranch, Not Ferguson

Before you hit "retweet," you might want to source that political statement. On Tuesday night, thousands of Twitter users shared this image of a protest sign next to a "First Amendment Area" with the hashtag "#Ferguson," making it appear the picture was taken in the troubled St. Louis suburb. » 8/20/14 2:30pm 8/20/14 2:30pm

Teen Stoners Freak Out Over Fake Facebook Drug Task Force

Kids these days, right? When the punks aren't selfie-ing their Kardashians on Facebook, they're trying to put honest street dealers out of business by buying their dope online. So when National Report published the article "Facebook Drug Task Force To Begin Monitoring All Messages October 1st" on Monday,… » 8/19/14 3:45pm 8/19/14 3:45pm

NASCAR Fans Freak Out Over Tony Stewart Retirement Hoax

Last weekend, former NASCAR champion Tony Stewart struck and killed another driver during a horrific sprint car crash, making much of the racer's future uncertain. For many, however, the only question was whether Stewart would continue to compete, which was seemingly answered Thursday when Empire News reported "Tony… » 8/15/14 4:45pm 8/15/14 4:45pm

As Gawker's resident debunking man I feel compelled to weigh in. Ruling: not a penis.

In my opinion it looks like some kind of weighty, vaguely dick-like object in his pocket is pulling the front of his pants to give the appearance of an elongated penis. This is most obvious from the first panel of the second triptych… » 8/08/14 3:48pm 8/08/14 3:48pm